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by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 30. December 2011 17:36

Welcome to DotNetPanda.com, the place where I will post my everyday problems and solutions regarding Microsoft.Net technologies. I have also moved my old blog (http://weblogs.com.pk/aziz) and imported all the previous posts here.

See you around




Resignation letter approved

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 9. October 2006 05:02

Finally I resigned from my current company in Riyadh, Saudia. I was in much tension regarding the acceptance of my resignation. Guys living here in Saudia will understand what I mean. Here you cannot quit your job until your employer agrees.

My last day here will be on 14 dec 2006. I came here exactly two years back on 14 dec 2004. I will go back , get happily married :). You all are invited for the valime on 7th January 2007.

Currently I have no job/offer in hand. I will start applying after one month. I have heard that the job market in Karachi is quite good nowadays. I am planning to continue my masters which I left becuase of coming to Saudia. HHmmmm Masters after newly married... seems difficult but i will try.

I am thinking about giving SharePoint certifications here as I came to know that all Microsoft certifications are banned in Pakistan nowadays.

Soooo... Beware... I am coming back.
CU all soon.




Outsourced opportunity – SMS / MMS application

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 27. December 2005 00:22

A Saudi Arabia based e-news/stock company wants to outsource an application dealing with SMS/MMS. The bird's eye view of the application is like.


1) User can subscribe to the SMS/MMS service through the website or by sending SMS with a given code to a given number

          E.g. SMS 195 BN i.e. user wants to subscribe to BN (breaking news)


2) SMS can be scheduled to send according to subscriptions.


3) User can ask something using SMS and get reply like

          E.g. SMS 195 SR 1010 i.e. user want the SR (stock rate) of the company (no 1010). He should be instantly replied back with the current stock value.


Above listed are some of the features that the company wants to have in the application. Please contact if your company has experience of developing these kinds of applications OR you have any out of the box solution. Urgent replies will be appreciated.


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Deleting Comments/ Coffee

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 23. November 2005 02:05

If you delete some comments from one of your posts, it will not be shown on the page now but it will come in the statistics of your bloglist page. http://weblogs.com.pk/admin/blogs/postlist.aspx?App=YOURBLOGNAME.  I don't know how guys are putting images in your blog so I am pasting the html here. Is there any good place to upload images so that I can link it?

Title PubDate Comments Actions
Oracle - Problematic Wish List November 21, 2005 8:57 AM 8 Edit Delete
Deployed as a .Net Consultant. Funny isn't it???? November 19, 2005 8:46 AM 3 Edit Delete

I have 8 comments on one of my post and I deleted 4 but it is still showing 8. No No they are not actual comments, just some test comments, I know that we are not use to comments each other post :), we just read like reading a newspaper kind of thing, better go to some newspaper site. Guys.. comments on each other blogs, do DISAGREE or at least agree. Make it a blog site not a news site.

What happened to your coffee, guys? I am still waiting to smell it here from Riyadh. :). FK, Mr.Geek, Khurram, and more.?? Ok let me think, khurram is too busy in handling his personal as well technical life. (I really appreciate him and i will try to be like him after I get married ..if i.... hope so :) ). Fahad is too busy in his photography, driving, new projects etc etc. Nothing to say about the fakegeek as he is already a geek :).




Oracle - Problematic Wish List

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 21. November 2005 00:57
This is not a wish list like khurram use to post about different things. This is not a list of problems fahad use to post about oracle. This is a problematic wish list. Some solved, some left, some in searching phase, and some waiting for your comments so do comments the solution or add a problematic wish.
No bool datatype
Currently I am handling it in Business Objects by converting integer into boolean in properties
Auto generated column
I have to make one sequence for every table that have auto generated primary key.
CamelCase Naming convention
Oracle saves the table names in UPPER CASE. Initially I was having name like this LONGCONTRACTPAYMENTS :). The normal convention I have found is LONG_CONTRACT_PAYMENTS. Now I am following the same convention.
Long/Big Names
I cannot name a table like LONG_CONTRACT_PAYMENTS_DETAILS. I have to do it like LC_PAY_DETAILS. Cannot have big names.
Drag Drop ERD Diagrams
After some searching and going through the tools, I came to know that Toad 8.5 provide this but with limited functionality not like SqlServer Database designer. Toad has a model view as well to generate queries as we have in SqlServer.
Changing order of columns
What if I want to change the order of columns in a table. I cannot find a simple way. Same Toad8.5 comes for the rescue. It uses a little trick by making a new table with the changed order and transferring the data, renaming the old and new tables. You may be thinking why the hell I want to change the order of columns. Bottom line is : Put the mostly selected columns first. The select query will be faster. I have read it somewhere, do not remember the link now.
After some searching I found that Oracle has its own globalization client/server architecture i.e. you have to specify character sets for both database and the clients who will access it. I put UTF-8 for both. Now I can save/view Arabic data through my application as well the Oracle Enterprise Manager but SQL-PLUS and Toad is showing corrupted data. I do not know the remedy now but happy that now Arabic data can be handled in my app.

May be for you guys this is a small issue but here in Saudi Arab, this is THE MOST critical issue. You know globalization, you can understand arabization but you might be thinking what is Saudization. The term is used when we are using pure Saudi Arabi's Arabic :). May be you people can call it urduization in general and pakistanization or better pakization :).

Bottom Line
Now I know why oracle guys are paid more because oracle is difficult because it is difficult to do small things in oracle easily. :). My tip is: after trying different clients tools, I think Toad is far better than others.




Google™ Code Jam 2005

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 26. July 2005 08:04
It's back! The Google™ Code Jam 2005 is now offering the best coders in the world a chance to compete for $155,000! Have you got what it takes? Can you take the pressure? Know how to solve problems? Know algorithms? Read More




Congrats to weblogs.com.pk

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 9. May 2005 12:09

Ah finally weblogs.com.pk is converted to CS. Now the problem for searching the blog is over. I have installed CS on my local PC as well. It has a lot of administrative options. I am going through the code to check the patterns and practices they have used.

Many many congrats to weblogs.com.pk team for their efforts providing us pakistanis a platform to do such activities.

The idea for forums to be here is very good. Many of the bloggers here are participating at different forums. Why not make this a platform for that too. I would love to have this facility..

Picture gallery............. hmmmmmmmm .. Donot put too much on the ISP :)




How to search old blogs? Part 2

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 10. April 2005 14:51

So finally the community Sever has search feature to search old blogs. Check it on http://communityserver.org/blogs. It seems that we have to wait for it till it launches publically. Till then one can use google like on Khurrum's blogs (weblogs.com.pk/khurrum) and other.

By the way, who is the administrator of this blog site?? Is there any chance of upgradation? Mr.Administrator.. :)






How to search old blogs?

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 31. March 2005 03:52


I have read some very nice articles by the friends here. but how can i search them now? Is there any facility to search the old articles in the blog? Am i missing something? Is there any other tool for that?

Waiting for you reply.

Allah Hafiz




Living in Saudi Arabia,..,,,..

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 16. February 2005 06:30

This is not a techincal article.

Assalam O Alaikum
I was thinking to describe the change in my life pattern since last one month. I was working in a good company in Pakistan, doing my masters side by side in parallel, having a good social life untill i got an offer from one of my old office collegues. I thought a lot about changing company and country. I didnot have such kind of experience in my life, living alone away from family but i finally thought to give it a try.

I was in Riyadh after one month of job offer. I joined the company at the same day. There are peoples from different countires in my department. Some of them are from Phalistine, Jordan, Sodan but most of them are from Pakistan and India. I spent my first few days in hotel until i found a room on rent in the same apartment shared by my office collegues.

Life here is totally different from how i used to spend in Pakistan. I usually get up at 9, run to my office without breakfast, work till 1 pm, have lunch in a good Saudi or Pakistani resturant. My official timing is 6:30 but i never leave office at that time. It is 9 or 10 pm when i leave the office. I have my dinner on the way back from a good Pakistani resturant. Go home, sleep and get ready for the next day.

Weekends are not such enjoyable nowadyas. We spend the whole weekend either sleeping on beds or just doing little chores e.g. washing clothes etc. Riyadh is not a good place for social life. There are not much (or should i say NO) places to visit, not for bachelors. I am not saying that Riyadh is not developed but every thing here looks a little artificial.

Once I visited Jeddah due to some business work. It reminds me of my city Karachi. Same beach, same atmosphere. I missed my city and people a lot on that day. I passed my evening on the Jeddah beach thinking of the beaches of Karachi.

My collegues are my friend now. We work in same office, we live in same apartment. It seems that they are my family . We try to take care of each other. They always say that do some work in your spare time otherwise you will start missing your family and friends back there.

Days are passing by quickly, i got my 2nd salay slip few days back, but i want to say to my family and friends back there

Allah Hafiz
A soul who is feeling lonely today :(, and donot know why.....



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