Difference between SharePoint Topic and Area

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 12. July 2006 12:37

As soon as you start the implementation of SharePoint Portal Server, you will get confused regarding the usage of SharePoint Area and Topics. The similarity makes a newbie puzzled. After looking on the internet, this is best explanation I found, http://kjellsj.blogspot.com/2005/05/sharepoint-areas-and-topics-for.html




Problem in configuring Single SignOn Service (SSO) on Windows Server 2003 with SP1

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 11. July 2006 01:34

If you have installed SharePoint Portal Server on Windows 2003 Server after installing Service Pack 1, you may face problems in configuring the Single Sign On Service. You will get error like

"Failed to connect to the database server. Verify connectivity and rights for the configuration account and try again."

Thinking that problem is from my side, I spent a lot of time configuring the rights of the account but all in vain. Finally google came to the resuce and here is the link that solved my problem. Solution is a little bit weird but haaaay.. it worked.

Find the ImagePath registry entry at the following location:
Remove the quotation strings from around the the ImagePath value ... and away you go.

Reference :Chris Johnson Blog :SharePoint SSO error and Window Server 2003 SP1




Sharepoint : Customizing ONET.XML of MySite (SPSMSITE) template

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 4. March 2006 01:42

Customizing ONET.XML of MySite (SPSMSITE) template

In the template folder you will also find the default template for the MySite configuration. You might think this works in the same matter as the other templates, but no. Editing the default.aspx in the SPSMSITE folder has the same effect, but altering ONET.XML has no effect. This is due to the fact that Sharepoint creates the virtual site that handles all MySite sites on installation, thus only processing the ONET.XML in the SPSMSITE folder once. To alter the MySite template for all users on your portal use FrontPage and navigate to your RootSite/MySite, then perform your changes.

This inconsistency is kind of hard to spot, and reduces the possibility of preconfiguring the setup of a site before it is rolled out. Not much to do about that though.

Ref : http://weblogs.asp.net/mnissen/articles/68629.aspx




DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 4. February 2006 01:03

Great detailed post comparing the two
http://weblogs.asp.net/bsimser/archive/2006/01/31/437023.aspx http://aspadvice.com/blogs/rjdudley/archive/2006/01/18/14755.aspx


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