My First WebPart for Share Point

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 14. May 2005 04:34
Ahhhhhh. After seven hours of doing just one thing i am tired and frustated. Doing developemt on a virtual PC is a headache, so slow. My be I should upgrade my PC. I have started learning sharepoint nowadays and today I made my first web part. I tried to upload the web part following the same steps in the MSDN article but alas. As soon as i try to drag and drop my webpart on the page, an error comes that this web part is not registed as safe. I have spent hours on just registring it as safe but no success. I donot know what i am doing wrong. May be I am too tired right now to see the mistake. I will see it tomorrow with a fresh mind. I will let you know about my foolish mistake if I find one.. Words under frustation.


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Adnan Siddiqi
Adnan Siddiqi
5/15/2005 1:49:42 AM #

in order to use VPC,you shoud have atleast 256MB RAM and atleast 1GB space to make it useful,else its trash for you

VPC rocks ,looks amazing running several OS in several Windows=)

Adele bin Khalid
Adele bin Khalid
6/23/2005 7:06:24 AM #

if you are still struggling with deployment of webparts you must read this Smile


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