Gulf Developers Conference 2006

by Syed Aziz ur Rahman 4. March 2006 23:55

Microsoft is arranging Gulf Developers Conference 2006 on 18th-21st 2006 - Riyadh @ Four Seasons Hotel - Saudi Arabia. Fees is 300 for normal professionals and 200 for microsoft partner's employees.

Last time company made the registration for all the developers but this time it seems that we are staying home. Let us see, hope for the best.

To attend Pre-conference/ GDC you have to register online, click here to register

GDC 2006 is an event that provides a comprehensive technical overview as well as more insight on the latest (both recently released and upcoming) Microsoft development and platform technologies. During the GDC 2006 event, there will be many sessions that would demonstrate the latest advanced features that were introduced in Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, BizTalk Server 2006, Windows Vista and how all these technologies can be used to build reliable, secure, high performance applications that can connect people, information, processes and systems together. More than 1700 technology professionals from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region are expected to join this event and get the opportunity to meet and interact with top technology experts in the industry and Microsoft team for the duration of the event.



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